Thursday, 8 November 2012

nie tak głośno!

Przepraszam pana. A czy tych tam, tak tych tamtych .. czy ich też mogę wystrzelać?
Rawr - rawram cały dzień : )


  1. Hey there!

    Wasn't here for a while but i dont forgot about you! I see great progress in your works. But in my opinion you shouldn't focus so much on anatomy if you wont lapse your amazing skill in drawing huge scenes ( i still have in memory reaper in a lake) , maybe think about some landscape?

    Your photos from crete also looks very nice. That's your family right? This big guy (your brother?) must be a really funny man. I cant stop smiling while looking at his photo with a sombrerro.

    Waiting for more.


    1. Thank you for nice words, Will :)
      You know I decide to work on anatomy to have easier way to draw huge illustations. And now it is. But don't worry I remember about drawing other things : )

      Yup, my mum, my brother (that no-big guy) and that guy with sombrerro - my boyfriend.

      I'm glad that you still looking here :)

  2. Oh god, shame on me!

    This isnt your brother, its your boyfriend right?
    I just saw your tooth cleaning photo.
    Sorry :D

  3. te panie muszą być chore, coś niewyraźnie wyglądają, ach te wirusy... niefajnie jest mieć zaczerwieniony nos :<